Statement paper

Here you can find my short statement paper about renewable energy.

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ProDuZo is a new machine that produces solar panels in a more efficient way.
The solar cells are more affordable and have a more flexible design because all proces operations take place in continuous motion. So solar energy becomes more widely applicable.

ProDuZo was developed for two reasons:
1. The flexibility of form and function.
2. Reduce the dead zone of the solar cells

=> creates more efficiency

PRODUZO demonstrator voor serieschakeling van dunne film zonnecellenProDuZo



Belgium has not a very good range of using renewable energy within the EU.

6,8 % of the energy we used in Belgium in 2012 was coming from renewable energy. With this number we are on the 23th place of the European Union. The best countries are Sweden, Letland and Finland. Belgium would like to have 13 % renewable energy in 2020. The question is if this is possible??

I think it can be possible if the government motivates the people more with giving more premiums, because using renewable energy is very expensive. highres_4735406

What do you think?


New hybrid heat pump

Daikin introduces the new Altherma Hybrid heating pump system.

Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump uses a smart combination of a new gas condensing boiler and the most efficient air-to-water heat pump system on the market To install the hybrid pump system there isn’t a lot of renovation necessary.
It can reduce your energy cost with 35 % and the pump reduces the CO2-emissions.

High return on investment: payback of 3-7 years.

I think this is a good investment for renovations. You don’t have to throw away your boiler but with a small installation you can save some energy. They don’t have to break out your home for it to install it, the installation is easily done.

self-cleaning solar panels

High-power, self-cleaning solar panels might be coming soon to a roof near you. There are two obvious problems with photovoltaic cells, solar panels. First, they are very shiny and so a lot of the incident sunlight is simply reflected back into the sky rather than being converted into electricity. Secondly, they get dirty with dust and debris caught on the wind and residues left behind by rain and birds. Now, new research suggests that it might be possible to add a nanoscopic relief pattern to the surface of solar cells that makes them non-reflective significantly boosting efficiency and at the same time making them highly non-stick and self-cleaning.

Batibouw 2014: 20 febr-2 maart 2014

Today is the start of Batibouw 2014.
The themes this year are:

  • ¬† CO2 neutral building
  • ¬†affordable housing
  • the comeback of wood

As I told in a previous post the big challenge is to combine energy saving and the affordability of it.

The European 20-20-20 targets: 20 % of all energy from renewable sources. Batibouw tells you how we can reach this target and what the possibilities are. Also stricter energy requirements make the price a lot more higher. Obviously, it can not be the intention that he construction jitters disappear in the Belgian. The federal government has recently decided to advance the tax advantage of a living bonus to go into a tax reduction.,-Betaalbaar-wonen-en-De-comeback-van-Hout